Your toilet is most likely the most important fixture in your house. It’s almost a given that both the plumbing and toilet systems work. While a clog might not seem to be a big problem, it can lead to more serious problems with your toilet, household habits, and sewer system.

It is essential to find the root cause for toilet clogging. These are the top reasons your toilet is always blocked and what you should do.


Toilets can clog if things are not being flushed properly.

How do you flush?

Waste and toilet paper are the only things that should be kept in the toilet.Have a discussion about how to use the toilet with your children.For non-flushable items, a small trash container can be kept next to the toilet. Pets won’t be able to access your trash can if it isn’t secured. Toilet plungers can be used to remove clogs caused by non-flushable substances. If these methods fail, it is time to call a professional plumber. They can remove the clog and prevent future problems.


The main sewer-line from your house to the municipal sewer system runs underground. Tree roots could puncture the sewer pipe.

Tree roots or earthquakes can cause damage to your sewer line and block or disrupt the flow of water to your municipal sewer system. Dirt, debris or other materials can get in the line.

Our Glendale, CA Plumbers are available to help with sewer line repairs and drain cleaning. You should be prepared. An experienced Glendale, CA Plumber might need to enter your yard to repair or replace your sewer line.


It is common to use too much toilet paper. Excessive toilet paper usage can lead to clogs in your toilet.

This could be your brand of toilet paper. If you use too many, it can cause serious damage. This could be the problem with your toilet problems. Talk to your family about how important it is to use sparingly when using toilet paper.

Inform your family members about your plans to dispose off extra toilet paper. Consider replacing existing toilet paper with single-ply.


Toilet problems can often be caused by clogs within the S trap. This is a pipe that runs from your floor to your toilet bowl. It’s responsible for holding smelly sewer gases.

You’ll notice a blocked trap. A partial obstruction can cause the toilet stop working while it builds up. Toilet augers will fix S-trap or partial clogs. Drain cleaningToilets older than 10 years are more likely have an S-trap that is blocked. Modern toilets use P-traps.