It is possible to avoid a plumbing catastrophe from ever occurring. For the most part, homeowners tend to view plumbing disasters in terms of events that happen out of the blue. If you are familiar with the checks and maintenance tips of the plumbing trade you can prevent potential plumbing disasters.

Toilet Plumbing Disaster

Blocked or overflowing toilets are one of the most frequent calls for plumbers. If you follow proper toilet etiquette, this plumbing disaster can be avoided.

You shouldn’t use too much toilet tissue and you should never use the bowl for removing foreign objects such as earbuds or wipes. To prevent your children from putting toys down their toilets, invest in childproof locks.

DIY Disaster

No matter if you’re hanging pictures or tightening loose pipes, there is a plumbing disaster just around the corner. Before drilling into walls, check for electrical wires and pipes. Don’t tighten any plumbing joints. If you’re not certain what you’re doing, it is worth hiring a professional plumber.

Broken Pipes

Protect your pipes during colder seasons by taking care of them. If you are concerned about damage to the pipes, do not stack items on top or close to them. To avoid any plumbing catastrophes, make sure you run your HVAC system during the winter.

Hot Water Heater Damaged

Hot water heaters must be properly maintained to prevent a plumbing emergency. Regularly drain your hot water tank and clean it to avoid sediment buildup.

If your hot water heater makes strange or unusual sounds, it’s time for tender loving care.

Show Plumbing

It is possible to fix a plumbing issue on your own but it does not always work. This could make matters worse. To avoid further damage, shut off the water supply to the mains immediately if you suspect that there is a problem in your plumbing.