Your heater will get more use. If you have a fireplace that is used during winter, it’s a great time to make use of it. You should also check the temperature of your water heater to ensure it is heating properly. This helpful article contains facts and tips to help you determine how often your heater should be adjusted during winter.


First, you must answer whether the temperature should be adjusted. You can quickly answer this question by checking the temperature at your current location and seeing where it is. The temperature should be between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is below that, then you don’t need to adjust anything.

Setting your thermostat to 140 degrees can result in third degree burns if the heater doesn’t have a scald protector. Your heater may have a scald protection feature so that your water temperature is set at 140 degrees in cold seasons.

At this temperature, bacteria that could grow and cause Legionnaires disease can be killed and your water will remain safe. If you feel the temperature at this setting is too hot for you adjust it as necessary, but not lower than 120 degrees.

If your water temperature drops to a low level, harmful bacteria can grow. Your family could be at risk from the water in your home. Our Glendale, CA Plumbers are available to help you with any concerns about your home’s water temperature.


Your water heater could develop harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is best to set the temperature at 120 degrees. Water is safe from any harmful elements by maintaining this heat. There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint regarding the maintenance of your water temperature.

It is best to limit how many showers you take each day and the length of each bath. Constantly using hot water will lead to an increase in your energy bill and more carbon emissions. To help reduce energy consumption, you can install insulated pipes throughout your house.

These pipes are easy to find and can be installed by anyone. The replacement of your water heater could also help reduce your energy costs.

Heaters last approximately 10 years.

A local Glendale, CA Plumber can help you install insulated pipes and a new water heater.

They will help you identify plumbing problems and send you a qualified emergency plumber in Glendale, CA.