Most Glendale, CA Plumbers say that plumbing is essential in walls.

Rattling pipes

Water hammer is often used as a term to describe a sound that makes pipes vibrate and make sounds. This can be dispelled by a port running across your roof near your faucet, or plumbing fixture. A vacuum could form near the vent, which can cause the hammering sound.

Main Line Problems

Turn off your main water supply. You can flip the floor faucet around inside your house (in basement, outside or on floor closest to main sewer line).

Over time, water will stop flowing. Allow water to drain through your pipes.

Water pressure

Many Glendale, CA plumbers will mention that high water pressure may cause loud banging or rattling noises from your plumbing.

Ask your local Glendale, CA plumber about installing a pressure regulator. This allows water flow to be more efficient through your home. It makes it easier for plumbing and water-supplied devices.