Your home’s plumbing system is usually working as it should, so you won’t be able to notice it. If things stop working or your water bills go through the roof, it is time to act. It can be difficult to locate the problem, as a lot of your piping is located under the walls or under cabinets.

Unnoticed leaks can lead to property destruction that is unimaginable.


Your monthly water bill should not change. If you see your water bill increasing and your water usage has not changed, then you may have a leak. It can be hard to identify the leak source when there are so many pipes that run underground. Glendale Plumbers should inspect your pipes to make repairs.


You can also check your water meter to determine if you have hidden leaks. Turn off all appliances and faucets that require water to operate. Note the readings on your water meter. Turn off the water for a few minutes, then check the readings. A hidden leak may be the cause of a noticeable deviation in your readings.


If you hear a constant tapping sound or thumping inside your crawlspace, it could be a sign that there is a problem with your plumbing. You might hear a drip pipe coming from your ears, even though you aren’t seeing any water damage.


Your toilets could account for as much as one-third your water use, so make sure you check that it is running properly. You can do this by placing food coloring in your toilet tank and letting it sit for 10 min. A leak is when the color seeps into the bowl. This problem should be stopped by a local Glendale Plumber immediately.