It is strange that your water heater suddenly acts strangely, especially when you are most in need of it. Your water heater could be irritating you in a number of ways.

Because cold and freezing temperatures are a major part of our annual weather, water heaters have become an essential necessity for households and household chores. Here are some common issues and countermeasures that can be used to solve your problems with your water heater. Keep reading.

Heat Water Not

What good is a water heater if it doesn’t heat up water? You cannot throw away a water heater that doesn’t heat up water. It is just as ineffective as everything else. The type and make of your water heater may determine the solution.

Different repairs are needed for electric and gas water heaters. Take the manual with you, and go through it. Check to see if the problem is caused by a plugging or a gas or electricity connection. For more information, contact an electrician.

Thermostat is not functioning as intended

This is another problem that water heaters have. The thermostat is set at a particular temperature and it heats up water that is either too cold or too warm for your needs.

This problem is most common in older water heaters. Adjust the thermostat temperature and check the hotness of the water faucet.

Make sure to check for leakages and verify that the pressure relief valve functions properly. If the problem persists contact a professional Glendale, CA Plumber.

Discoloration or a sour, unpleasant odor

Sometimes, water may become slightly discolored due to heating. First, you should check to see if the problem is in the water or in the heater’s reaction.

You should check if cold and hot water have the same smell. If they do, there may be a problem in your source water. If the problem only occurs in hot water, then it may be the sulphate concentrations on your anode terminal, iron, copper or any other mineral adding their hues to water.

Making Funny Noises

A well-functioning, efficient water heater will do its job quietly, without making any protesting sounds, no matter how hard it is worked.

If your water heater is making strange, annoying or funny sounds, you should get it checked. The first small sounds could be a sign of a potential power disruption or failure. If ignored, the heater may smolder and cause more damage.