We live in a fast-paced world and need to get things done quickly. Wash dishes in the sink and rinse them with water slowly.

It can be frustrating trying to fill the tub with water while it is not coming out quickly. Low water pressure is a common problem for homes. Let’s examine the reasons your home might have low water pressure.

The Main Shutoff or Water Meter Valve Isn’t Fully Opened

The main shutoff valve allows water from the city to enter your home. It will look similar to a lever or wheel. The main shutoff valve is located in the basement or exterior wall.

This is most common when you fix plumbing problems. This valve closes to stop water from entering your home. It’s easy to fix. Just turn the wheel handle counterclockwise until it travels the maximum distance. The handle of the main shutoff valve should be parallel to the pipes.

A water meter valve that is not fully open may be the cause of the problem. This valve is owned by the city.

Check the water-meter location to make sure the valve is closed. The valve should be in line the water pipes.

Clogging Problems

Low water pressure is not always a sign of a serious plumbing problem. The problem can be fixed by clearing out the aerator screen, and replacing any damaged ones.

But, low water pressure can be caused by a blocked pipe. If this happens, you need to call a Long Beach plumber.

Faulty Water Pressure Regulator

A water regulator regulates water pressure. Your water pressure could drop too high if the water pressure regulator malfunctions.

Low pressure can affect all your home’s water outlets. This is something that only an expert can do.

Plumbing Leaks

Leaks in your plumbing can cause water to clog and reduce your home’s water flow.

You might consider replacing your faucets or shower heads if they are older than 1992.

Now you know the causes of low water pressure in your home. A water pressure booster can be installed to correct the problem.