What are your thoughts about plumbing emergencies? A Glendale emergency plumber should always be contacted regardless of what kind of disaster strikes your home.

It is not possible to avoid a plumbing emergency just before holidays or special occasions.

Different types and situations of plumbing emergency

Flooding in a basement – This could cause severe damage to your home, as well as stress, and can be caused either by stormwater intrusion or pipe leakage.

To flush the toilet, call a Glendale plumber right away.

Blockage: Dispose leftover food, hair, and grease. This can cause water flow interruptions.

Problems with the Water Heater

What do you do in plumbing emergencies

Pershing Plumbing expects them to arrive on time. They’re not Superman. This is why you need to give them enough time to reach your location before they leave.

1. Keep an emergency kit at home. A multi-purpose screwdriver is also necessary, as well as an assortment of Allen keys.

2. Find the location of your main water shutoff and turn it off.

3. Switch off the water heater

4. Keep them in great condition by turning off the isolation valves every year.

5. Use chemical cleaners with caution. Make sure the cleaner won’t corrode pipes.

6. To dispose of leftover food, you can have separate garbage bins. Separate containers for grease.

7. Be sure to inspect the faucets frequently. You might have a problem with the water supply if you see any mineral rust, or water pooling.

8. Clean out any debris in your drains to prevent a plumbing emergency.

9. Rodents can build nests within the gutters, sewer lines and gutters.

10 Lastly, be sure to verify the expiration dates for your plumbing fixtures.