Faucets form an important part of any plumbing system. They give us access to fresh water and assist us in our daily activities. But even the most durable, well-maintained taps can have problems, especially with the handles. A faulty handle on a faucet can be annoying and cause water damage. This blog will cover some common problems with faucet handles and provide tips for fixing them.

Loose Handles

The loose handle of a faucet can be fixed easily. First, tighten the screw which holds the handle. This screw can usually be found under a decorative cover or cap that you can remove with a knife or screwdriver. The stem may be the culprit if the screw has been tightened but the handle still feels loose. If this is the case, it may be necessary to replace the stem of the faucet or even the whole thing.

Handles Leaking

A leaky faucet is frustrating and wasteful. If you have a faucet that leaks at the handle, it could be the O-ring. Remove the handle and turn off the supply of water to fix the problem. Replace the washer or O-ring by a new one that is the same size. Reassemble your faucet and turn the water on to check for leaks.

Stiff Handles

The problem could be caused by mineral deposits inside your faucet. This problem can be fixed by turning off the water flow and removing the handle. Pour a solution made of vinegar and water, soak the faucet parts for a couple hours. This will dissolve any minerals and make parts easier to handle. Reassemble the faucet. Turn on the water to test the handles.

Broken Handles

It is necessary to replace your broken faucet handle. Replacement handles can be found at your local hardware shop or online. Replace the handle by turning off the water flow and removing the old one. Attach the handle to stem and tighten screw. Reassemble your faucet and turn the water on to test it.

The following is a summary of the information that you will find on this page.

It is important to note that a broken faucet handle may be an inconvenience, but with a bit of basic plumbing and the right tools, it can easily be fixed. Do not hesitate to contact a professional plumber if you are unable to fix a problem. Don’t forget that regular maintenance will help you avoid faucet problems.