A well-balanced water pressure is often a silent, taken-for-granted luxury—until it’s not there. You’ve probably heard advice like “check for clogs” or “inspect your water pressure regulator,” but what about solutions that offer a long-term fix and add a touch of luxury to your home? In this blog, we’ll venture beyond traditional plumbing advice to explore unconventional yet effective ways to escalate your home’s water pressure.

Upgrades That Add Pressure and Prestige

If you’re looking to up the ante, these unconventional plumbing upgrades might just be your ticket:

  1. Smart Shower Panels: These panels not only come with pre-set water pressure levels for different shower modes but also offer features like temperature control and water conservation settings.
  2. Gravity-Fed Water Systems: Particularly useful for multi-story homes, these systems use gravity to naturally increase water pressure, reducing the need for electrical pumps.
  3. Pressure Compensating Faucets: These faucets automatically adjust the water flow to maintain a constant output pressure, ensuring you get a consistent flow regardless of other water usage in the home.
  4. Submersible Pumps: Installed directly in your water source, these pumps are more efficient and quieter than their external counterparts, providing a steady and strong water flow.
  5. Water Pressure Timers: These gadgets allow you to set times for high and low water pressure. For example, you can schedule higher pressure during peak usage times like mornings and evenings.

Additional Considerations

  1. Energy Efficiency: While upgrading, look for devices that are energy-efficient to ensure you’re not trading off improved water pressure for increased energy bills.
  2. Compatibility: Make sure to check the compatibility of these advanced systems with your existing plumbing to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.


A problem as fundamental as inadequate water pressure deserves more than just a Band-Aid solution. By considering these unconventional yet highly effective plumbing upgrades, you can not only fix your water pressure woes but also add a layer of sophistication to your home. After all, elevated water pressure contributes to an elevated lifestyle, so why settle for anything less?