Water leaks can cause property damage. To prevent water damage from getting worse, smart homeowners will be able to quickly identify and fix any leaks. Water leaks can often be identified early and prevented from causing further damage.

The homeowners will soon realize what the problem is once it has been done. You can avoid these situations by being aware and alert to signs of hidden water damage on your property. Hidden water leaks can be found using six methods.

Pay careful to your utility bills

The water bills can be an indicator of your water consumption. Compare it to the previous month. If there are no significant changes, don’t modify your bill.

The Exterior Irrigation System

It could be a problem with your irrigation system. If water seeps through the rubber gasket of your irrigation system, it is time to replace it. If the leak persists, professional assistance may be needed by a Glendale Plumber. You might not see some parts of your irrigation system because they are underground.

Look for Mold Signs

Hidden water leaks may be hard to spot but easy to find. You will notice visible discolorations and it is hard to ignore the smell of mold. You should inspect your cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms regularly. Roof leaks should be checked in your attic.

Use Food Coloring

Bathrooms account for over 30% of your total water use. It is possible to check for leaks with a small amount food coloring powder. A few drops of liquid color can be added to the toilet tank. Leave it for a couple minutes.

View the Water Meter

The water meter can be used by homeowners to find hidden water leaks. Check if the water supply is working by turning off the water supply. For any problems with your pipes, contact a Glendale Plumber.