Are you experiencing back-ups in your house? Are there roots in your sewer lines? Hydro-jetting is a technique that clears any blockages or clogs from your pipes. This article will be written by our Pasadena Plumbers to explain what a hydro-jet is and how it works. We also discuss the costs involved in a hydro-jet service.

Hydro-jet: What does it mean?

The hydro-jet cleans out any blockage or clog in your pipes. It can be up to four thousand PSI, or pounds per square in water pressure. Any plumbing system can use a Hydro-Jet, but it’s most commonly used in restaurants and commercial buildings to clean up the grease and sludge in pipes.

Hydro-jetting works well for roots growing into your pipes because it spins and cuts them better than a snake. The snake-like device can remove any blockage it can reach, but not all of it. Hydro-jets work in conjunction with small cameras that allow us and your local plumber to view the pipes for any intrusions and then remove them.

How did the roots get there? You can read more about how roots got into your pipes here.

How does a Hydrojet work?

A hydro-jet is a device that uses a camera to detect the problem.

If we have to deal with a root obstruction, a local plumber would follow these steps:

  1. Local plumbers will run a camera down your main sewer line to determine the “root” cause. We are hilarious at finding the root cause of the problem.
  2. Once they have seen the problem, the hydrojet can be placed at the exact location.
  3. The camera is then moved away from the jet.
  4. The hydro-jet uses high pressure water to remove the blockage.
  5. The camera is then run through the pipe once more to make sure that there are no blockages.

Hydro-jeting a sewer line can take up to an hour for a plumber. Timing is dependent on many factors.

  1. Dimensions of the blockage
  2. Type of blockage
  3. The pipe’s size
  4. It is located in the middle of the city.

The hydro-jet does not solve your problem, but it can help you prolong the life of your pipes before they have to be replaced.

A hydro-jet may be able to help you clear a backup, but it might not fix the actual problem.

Our experts Pasadena Plumbers don’t recommend hydro-jetting your pipes by yourself. First, it is not easy to access the machine in any shop. You can also be quite dangerous operating the hydro-jet as it pushes out 4,500 PSI, which could easily cause you to lose your hand. Yikes!

It is why we recommend hiring a professional plumber for hydro-jetting services.

Hydro Jetting Benefits

Hydro-jetting can provide many benefits such as:

  • Safety
    • There is very little chance of damaging your plumbing if the hydro-jet has been installed by a professional plumber. It is also safer to use the hydro-jet as it can be dangerous.
  • Time-Saving
    • Hydro-jetting is often the most efficient way to remove a blockage from your sewer line.
  • Long-Lasting Benefits
    • Hydro-jets can not only clear any blockages in your pipes but also clean out any buildup on your pipe walls. Clean pipes are less likely clog. Hydro-jetting can protect you from future plumbing problems.

Hydro-Jetting Outta Here

This article summarizes the discussion with our plumbers about hydro-jets, their benefits, and how they work. Although plumbing problems can be frustrating, hydro-jetting is an affordable, fast and cost-effective way to clear blockages from your pipes.