Are you worried about back-ups in your house? Backups can cause frustration and even stress in your home. It is possible to try several solutions before a plumber arrives.

No matter how frequent the backups are, our Plumbers will solve them for you. This blog will help you understand why your home is experiencing frequent backups. You will learn if they will happen again and the different solutions.

Our Pasadena Plumbers will show you how to avoid frequent backups from ever occurring again.

Why are your backups so frequent?

It is common to have backups in your home. Let us know if it is.

It is possible that you have old piping.

Cast iron, PVC and clay are the most commonly used materials for sewer pipes. These pipes will not last forever. Backups will form over time as your pipes corrode, crack or break.

  • Clogs
    • Sewer line clogs can be caused when solid objects get stuck in your pipes. This could include hair, cooking oil, and feminine products.
    • There is a main and a local type of stoppage.
  • Roots
    • If tree roots get into your sewer line, it can cause severe problems. After the roots are removed it is possible repair or replace the pipe.

How do you address frequent backups

You have many options for addressing frequent backups within your house.

  • Pipes Repair
    • Don’t panic, just fix! There is a lot you can do to repair your pipes, including epoxy liner.
  • Replacing the pipes
    • The best way to solve the problem of back-ups is by replacing the pipes in your sewer system.¬†Our Pasadena Plumbers recommend replacing those that are the most difficult.
    • It’s a smart idea to have a Long Beach plumber inspect your system before trying to fix it.
  • Sewer Descale
    • A snake may be used to clear a sewer blockage.
    • Descale your sewer line to prevent blockages in future.
  • Hydro-Jetting
    • Hydro-jetting can also help clear backups from your home. It can use up to four thousand PSI (pounds/square inch) of pressure to clear any type of plumbing system. Restaurants and commercial buildings use the hydro-jet to clean their pipes of grease and sludge.
    • Hydro-jetting is great for root growth in pipes. It cuts roots quicker than a snake.

Are Backups Possible Again? How to Prevent BackUps

There are many methods to prevent your home from experiencing constant backups. But, not all solutions work. You need to change the pipes that go into your sewer lines. Now you must be curious as to how to stop future backups.

There’s another way to prevent backups:

  • Don’t pour fats or oils down the toilet.
  • Do you not want to flush bathroom wipes that are “flushable?” down the toilet?
  • Hygiene products and disposable diapers should not be flushed down your toilet.
  • Every year, have your sewer line cleaned.
  • Have your sewer line checked regularly.

Get ‘Backing up’ for Your Problems

Backups can be frustrating but you don’t need to. This article will help you understand the causes of backups in your house and how to fix them. It is important to replace your pipes to prevent backups from coming back to your home.