Unaddressed, a leaky shut-off valve could cause major damage to your home. The shut-off valve is essential to controlling the flow of your plumbing system.

Fix the leak as soon you see it. We will provide homeowners with tips on how to repair a leaking valve in this blog.

  1. Turn off Water Supply Before repairing the leaky shutoff valve, you should turn off your water supply. Find the main shutoff valve which is normally located near the meter. By turning off the water, you will stop any water flowing while you are working on the shut-off.
  2. Check the Valve After turning off the water supply. Inspect it for wear and damage. Check the stem of your valve for any corrosion or cracks. You will need to replace your valve if it shows signs of damage.
  3. Tightening the packing Nut If your shut-off valve does not leak, but the packing nuts is loose, you can tighten it. The packing is the nut around the valve stem. The packing nut can be tightened gently with a wrench. Over-tightening the nut can damage valves.
  4. Replace the Washer. In the event that tightening the packing nuts does not solve the problem, it may be necessary to replace your washer. Turn off the water to the valve, and remove the stem. Find the washer on the bottom of your valve stem. If the washer has been damaged, replace it.
  5. Replace the Valve In the event that none of the above options work, it may be necessary to replace the valve. This can be done by turning off the water in your home, and removing the old valve. Install the new valve in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. Teflon tape should be used on the threads in order to prevent leaks.
  6. Call a Professional. If you don’t feel comfortable fixing a leaking shutoff valve by yourself, it is best to contact a professional. A plumber will quickly and effectively be able identify the problem, and fix the leak.


Homeowners often face a leaky shut-off valve. Fixing a leaking valve is a simple job that can be done by homeowners.

You can prevent further damage by following the instructions in this article. Do not hesitate to contact a professional plumber if the shut-off is difficult to repair. You can avoid further damage by fixing leaks as soon as they occur. This will also save you money.