Why is a Plumbing Inspection Important?

A licensed Long Beach plumber will conduct a home inspection to determine the condition of the house.

A foundation inspector will inspect the roof, windows, doors and electrical systems. They also look out for damage from mold, water, pests, weather and other factors. The inspector will also look out for dangerous building materials like asbestos, lead paint, and radon.

Potential buyers will also be more inclined to purchase property with well-maintained plumbing.

Even minor plumbing problems can quickly become costly and time-consuming headaches. It is recommended that you have a licensed plumber inspect your home’s plumbing system prior to selling.

What does a plumbing inspection entail?

An inspection of the plumbing system can be done on various parts. A potential buyer might request that the sewer line be inspected. A camera inspection of the sewer line would be done.

Prospective buyers may also want to check the condition of the water heater and pipes/water lines. In such cases, inspections would be made on the water heater as well as the piping system. Here is a list with the most commonly performed plumbing inspections.

  • Camera Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Water Pressure Test
  • Inspection of water heaters
  • General Plumbing Inspection
  • Pipe condition inspection

What Common Plumbing Problems Are On An Inspection?

A plumber will inspect your home and check for any broken or defective components. Your home’s main shutoff valve must also be working properly.

Leakages, no matter how small, should be fixed before they cause serious and expensive water damage. Every toilet must be flushed and refilled correctly. Showers must also maintain the right temperature and pressure.

All appliances that are plumbed into, including washing machines, dishwashers and water dispensers are checked for functionality. Your water heater is an important component of your plumbing and must function properly. It should also be free from corrosion, leaks, and mineral deposits, which can cause problems.

Also, pipes that are exposed to freezing weather must be properly insulated in order to protect them.

Your sewage system should be functioning properly, regardless of whether it is connected to the city’s sewer network or a septic tank. This is an important step because sewage system repairs can be costly.