You can make water use less common places. You can make the most of your home’s bathroom and kitchen by making changes.

These are small ways to save money and the environment.


Don’t be a tap hawk! Only use the water when absolutely needed. Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth. When you are done, put the stopper in the sink.

Go low-flow. Low-flow shower heads were not the best, but newer models are much more efficient and offer a pleasant shower experience at a fraction the flow rate. It is also easy to do yourself, requiring only a few simple tools. A low-flow faucet can also be used to replace the bathroom sink faucet.

Fewer baths means more showers. A bathtub filling requires approximately 30 gallons of water. This compares to 25 gallons for an average ten-minute shower using a standard showerhead. If you have a low-flow head showerhead, the ten minute shower will take 20 gallons.

In the Kitchen

Use the dishwasher. Dishwashing dishes by hand takes more work and uses more water. Be sure to wait until your load is full before you start the cycle.

Upgrade to a water smart dishwasher. Look out for models that are water efficient if you’re looking to replace an old model. For even greater savings, choose one with energy efficiency to save even more on each cycle.

Don’t forget the garbage disposal, but the trash can. While the disposal can be useful for some smelly items that need to be removed immediately, it does require water. You can put it in the trash or compost and save water.

Just taking the time and thinking about how much water your body uses is a great start. Do you see running water? Turn it off.