If you have ever been woken in the night by creaking pipes you understand how frustrating it can become. It’s good to know that this problem can be easily fixed with just a few steps. We’ll look at some new tips and ideas for quieting your creaking pipes.

You Should Inspect Your Pipes

Inspection of your pipes will help you solve any plumbing problems. Look closely at your visible pipes and check for any signs that they are damaged or worn out. Check for any loose pipes, cracks or other signs of wear that could be making the creaking sounds. You can then fix the problem once you’ve found the source.

Tighten Loose Pipes

The most common cause of creaking pipe noises is loose pipes. Pipes that are not properly fastened can cause a creaking sound or rattle when they rub against one another or other surfaces. This problem can be fixed by tightening loose pipes using pipe wrenches or pliers.

Install Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is a good option if you can’t fix the problem by tightening up loose pipes. It can be particularly helpful for areas where pipes may be exposed to freezing temperatures. Insulation muffles the sound of the water flowing through pipes. This can eliminate creaking or rattling sounds.

Add Water Hammer Arrestors

A common cause for creaking pipes is the water hammer. Water hammer happens when water suddenly stops flowing through pipes, causing an ear-splitting banging noise. Water hammer interrupters are devices that absorb the shock from water flow and prevent the banging sound which can lead to creaking pipe. These devices can be placed at the point of entry to your home’s water supply or any other point in the plumbing system with a sudden water flow.

Adjusting Water Pressure

When the water pressure at your home is too high it can cause the pipes to vibrate and rattle. This will lead to creaking noises. You can fix the problem by adjusting your water pressure with the pressure regulator. You can eliminate the creaking and protect your pipes and fixtures by adjusting the water pressure.

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While it can be frustrating trying to quiet down creaking pipes within your home, the issue isn’t insurmountable. If you inspect your pipes and tighten loose pipes, add insulation, install water hammer interruptors and adjust water pressure, then you can eliminate creaking and enjoy a quieter house. You can call a professional to help you if the problem isn’t clear or you feel uncomfortable working on your plumbing.