Was it surprising that water from your kitchen sink seems to gush like water but only a tiny amount of water is released when you take a bath upstairs? You can have both high and low water pressures at the same time on certain days. Any changes in the water pressure of your house are an abnormality that must be addressed immediately.

What can you do about low water pressure upstairs

Water Pressure Restrictors for Faucets

Many bathroom hardware and kitchen hardware come with a water pressure limiter. Low water pressure can cause problems with your faucet or shower head.

Disconnect the faucet heads. The rubber can be removed with your finger and tweezers. You may need to run additional tests if it doesn’t.

Too high water pressure

Water flows through your pipe and loses pressure because of friction. Water will flow faster through pipes, so it is a good idea to have your upstairs water pressure set slightly lower than your downstairs. A reputable Glendale Plumber can help you.

Pipe buildup

A buildup of dirt and other debris can cause low water pressure upstairs. Take off the faucet head and wash it with hot soapy water. Next, soak it overnight in household vinegar.

House Water Pressure Changes over Time

Heavy use of the Same Water Line

Your city may regulate water lines so you and your neighbor might share one. You might find someone filling up your swimming-pool or washing your cars. Your home could experience low water pressure if one of your neighbors is using a lot of water. Your water pressure should be back to normal once the neighbors are done.

Faulty Pressure Regulating Valve

Water pressure can fluctuate or trickle down if there is a problem with the pressure regulator valve.

Water Supply for the City

An issue with your city’s water supply can cause fluctuations in your home’s water pressure. Blockage or outage could indicate that there is a problem.

Pipes/Old Pipes Buildup

Pipes can build up over time. Sometimes it’s due to natural corrosion. Glendale Plumbers should be able address this problem so your pipes can be properly cleaned.