All of us believed our parents when we heard that chewed gum is good for seven years and that it should be able to stay in your stomach until you are ready to swim. These are the myths and tricks that you need to know about bathroom plumbing.


Take a look at these myths regarding the bathroom:

Toilet Water Drains in Different Ways depending on Where you Are in the World

False. It has less to do with where you are located in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres than how the jets spray.

The Coriolis Effect is the principle behind the myth. This refers to how Earth’s constant clockwise rotation impacts the trajectory and movement of moving objects. Your toilet water is not affected by the Earth spinning at a speed fast enough to alter that tiny amount of water. No, Australians don’t see their toilet water spinning opposite to ours.

You could have a snake in your bathroom

True. There have been instances of snakes entering toilets.

Critters love dark areas to hide in or find food. Broken sewer pipes can allow snakes to enter homes, but it’s very rare that a snake will end up in your toilet.

Flushable Wipes are Safe for Your Plumbing

False. Premoistened Wipes are used commonly for baby wipes, cleaning wisss and adult bathroom wipes.

While the packaging may suggest that they are safe to flush down the toilet with, plumbing experts warn you that these wipes can lead to major backups in your sewer system.


These bathroom hacks are great!

Get rid of your clogged toilet brush

How many people clean the toilet with a brush, then put the brush back in the holder? Yuck!

Rinse the brush with warm water. Cover the toilet seat with the lid.

To make the brush last longer, you can also put some white vinegar in the holder.

The Shower That Cleans You

The next time you take your shower, be sure to look up at your showerhead.

Microwave white vinegar and some dish soap. Spray the vinegar into a spray can and use it to clean your showerhead.

Dryer Sheets are More than Just Laundry

When you add a few drops water to dryer sheets, they do double duty.

You can use them to clean soap scum off your tub or shower. Or, you can use them to restore shine and beauty to chrome fixtures.