A lot of drain issues can be found in the kitchen. A clogged dishwasher or damage to the plumbing system can cause serious problems. These are the basics of how to prevent kitchen drain problems from becoming serious.

Kitchen Don’ts:

Do not pour grease down your drain. Although it might seem simple and straightforward to dispose of grease and cooking oils down the drain, this is not recommended. However, this is not recommended. Although grease can be poured down the drain quickly, as it cools, it hardens and traps other debris. This can lead to expensive repairs or backups.

Overload your garbage disposal. You can dispose of some food scraps, but not all food items, fibrous and starchy food waste or too many food wastes at once. While your garbage disposal is efficient, it won’t be able to break down all of the food scraps. This can lead to drain clogs and damage to your garbage disposal.

Don’t load your dishwasher full of food scraps. The dishwasher collects food waste. However, if it is overloaded, the dishwasher can clog the drain hose and cause water to back up in your garbage disposal.

Kitchen Dos:

Cool water is best for garbage disposals. Running water will flush food waste out of your disposal. This prevents food waste from building up or sitting in the disposal. Because it retains any oils or fats that may have remained, cold water is recommended.

You should run your garbage disposal regularly. You can prevent food residue buildup by running your garbage disposal regularly, even if you don’t intend to dispose of food. You can loosen any oil or fats that may be stuck by running your garbage disposal with a few drops dish soap.

Keep your dishwasher clean. You will need to clean your dishwasher from time to time in order to keep it running smoothly. This includes cleaning out your dishwasher’s filter basket. This simple task will avoid more complicated problems or clogs with your dishwasher.

These don’ts and do’s will help you avoid costly plumbing problems and keep your kitchen running smoothly. Even if everything is followed exactly, plumbing problems can still happen.