Showers are an excellent way to relax after a stressful work day. Showers can also smell unpleasant.

Identifying and Using the Source of the Smell

You should note the source of strange drain smells in your bathroom.

Dry, dirty or P-Trap

If the shower drain smells like sewage, it may be an indication that your P trap isn’t effectively preventing sewer gasses leaking into your bathroom. If your P trap is still blocked and there is a general or musty odor, you may need to clean it.

How can a shower P trap cause odors and what is it?

A P trap is a drain fitting that can easily be added to bathrooms. The trap is made of water and seals off the sewer system to prevent odors from coming back to your home.

If the P trap is not empty or dried, it can easily emit odors into your bathroom via the drain. It’s easy to check the P-trap with a flashlight.

Shower Cleaning Tips

Clean the trap for debris.

After you have removed all debris, fill the bathroom with cold water and pour it in your P-trap. You should make sure that there are no air pockets.

Leaky Pipes

You might notice a rotting egg or sulfur odor in your shower. Your shower could smell like sulfur or rotting eggs.

What Causes Broken Pipes

These leaks can produce the most unpleasant shower odors. They can cause your drain to become clogged with sulfurous gas, which can smell like rotten eggs.

Common causes of a stenchy shower drain include corrosion of sections of pipe and loose joints, such as those beneath your toilet seat or your sink taps.

How can you fix leaking pipes

The unpleasant smell of showers can be eliminated by tightening all corroded joints. Replace any sections that are rusting. It is important to maintain a safe environment for the bathroom, even though it can seem overwhelming.

Biofilm Buildup

A biofilm may have formed in the drain bowl if you can’t clear it with a plunger. This stops water from draining.

This is the leading cause of a stinky shower drain. It occurs when water is unable to flow through the bathroom pipes. Things begin to rot quicker and emit unpleasant odors.

Biofilm: What is it?

Biofilm is a film that forms within drain pipes when hair, debris or other materials begin to decay. A stench may be experienced in your shower from dirt, dust and other foreign objects.

How do you get rid of biofilm

You will need to identify the source of the odor in your home and clean the area between them.

They are often difficult to reach so this section of drain line can be the most difficult to clean. Biofilm can be destroyed using an enzyme-based cleaner.

Drain Clogs

To stop the smell getting worse, it is important to immediately clean out any hair- and other debris-clogged drain lines. Leaks and drain clogs are two common causes for a stinky shower drain. This is due to the fact that water that sits under a house for too long begins to rot quicker.

What causes shower clogs?

Shower drain blockages can be caused by overflowing baths and excessive use. But, blockages can also happen due to clogs in your plumbing.

  • Hair
  • Dast
  • Sand
  • Soap scum
  • Dirt
  • Mineral Deposits

How to Clear Your Drain Clog

The face shield can be removed from the plunger to clean a blocked drain. This will enable you to hold the plunger more securely before you plunge into the blockage. This is the leading cause of a stenchy drain. You will need to grab the p trap and plunge with one hand.