Water can be essential to our homes as long as it’s contained in our pipe sink, tub or appliance (e.g. a dishwasher). Water can, however, quickly become a threat if it is allowed to get into areas it shouldn’t, potentially causing harm to your home’s furnishings or structure.

Most homeowners will have to deal with a leaky pipe at one point in their lives. Some leaks can be obvious such as frozen pipes or broken pipes.

Some are hidden, such as loose connections in sub-floor plumbing lines. Early detection of a water problem can prevent future problems and save you money .

Find the source of the leak

Before the local Glendale, CA Plumber uses any specialized equipment, they will inspect your home for signs of potential leaks. The inspection includes checking fixtures, inspecting under sinks and checking irrigation and pool systems.

The plumber will most likely inspect your water meter to check how much water is being used.

Acoustic listening devices

Ground microphones, listening discs, and listening devices are two of the most basic tools a licensed plumber uses to find and pinpoint leaks . This sound technology allows them to hear running water through your pipes.

This will help the plumber pinpoint the source of the leak before attempting to repair it. You can also use deck plates to listen through concrete and brick surfaces.


Local Glendale, CA Plumbers use thermal imaging cameras, or heat scanners to pick up temperature variations in noisy areas. The thermal imaging camera is a great tool to view areas that are difficult to see with the naked eye, since escaping water can cause temperature shifts.

They can detect hidden water leaks and the source of them, as well detect moisture levels that are not physically accessible with moisture meters.

Video pipe inspection equipment

Video pipe inspection equipment is used by plumbers to find leaks quickly and accurately. These cameras attach to long fiber optic cable and are small. The camera sends images back to the monitor, which allows the plumber to see the inside condition of the pipe.

This allows them find leaks from places that are difficult to see from outside.

Why is it so important to have water leak detectors?

There are many reasons to contact a local Glendale, CA Plumber for help identifying any potential leaks in the home. You should always have a professional plumber on call in the event that you find a leak.

Experiential plumbers have seen so many house leaks that they are familiar with where the leaks come from and how to access them for quick water leak repair. Water leaks, as with most plumbing issues, are difficult to repair.

A pipe leak cannot be fixed by itself. This water damage can only be worsened if it’s not dealt with immediately. This covers all aspects, including structural damage and mold development. Leaks should be repaired immediately as they are critical.