Fixing leaky plumbing could help homeowners save , up to 10%. It’s a big amount of money to be left on the table. This is especially true for families with many members. You shouldn’t try to fix your plumbing issues on your own.

Most of us do not have the right tools or parts to fix things other than the simple DIY replacement of a faucet filter, or tank plunger. It’s possible that you don’t even know what the issue is, and may waste money and time. Choose a reliable plumber that’s affordable.

Over time, having a reliable plumber to call in an emergency or for regular maintenance can save you money. Take a look below at how and why you should choose the right plumber.

Why You Need a Professional Plumber

Here are a couple of scenarios that you may wish you had hired a plumber. Never try to do these on your own.

The water pressure drops.

It could be a small aerator on the faucet or if it’s bigger, the main water pipe itself. Without knowing how to test the source, you may not be able track it down.

Loss Of Hot Water

If you get a plumber in to look at the problem, it might be possible to avoid buying a brand new water heater. Plumbers can easily and cheaply replace electrical components when they fail.

Drains that are clogged

It is very easy for a bathtub drain to become clogged. This is especially true if your family has long hair. Rather than dumping drain cleaner, plumbers are a much safer, environmentally-sound, and guaranteed solution. You may find it difficult to unclog your sink drains because they are too clogged to reach or too caked to allow chemical cleaners to do their job. It is difficult to repair drain cleaners without experience.

Toilet and Sewage Clogs

Plumbing contractors are often called for the following reasons. Many people find it difficult to deal with sewage problems. If your toilet is clogged, you may be stressed. However, if the clog goes beyond a standard plunger’s reach, it means that a professional should be called.

Frozen Plumbing

The majority of people are responsible for this problem. Frozen pipes are easily broken or shattered if you do not take extra precautions. In the event that temperatures fall below freezing, you will need to prepare your pipes by shutting off your water and calling a professional plumber to unfreeze them safely. This will prevent any possible damage.

Plumbing Maintenance

A plumber’s job is not only to fix an urgent leak or clog. It is also to prevent the situation from getting that far. Professionals can make sure that your seals, fittings, and other components will not fail. This could lead to you spending more money on repairs.

How to choose a plumber

After we’ve established why hiring a plumbing professional is so crucial, let us find the best one. Ask some questions before you hire an uncle who says he “can fix anything.” You can ask plumbers the following questions by calling around.

What is the Final Estimate of Cost?

Don’t expect a phone estimate to be accurate. A personal inspection is required to get a proper estimate. Then, only after they’ve assessed the scope of work, will they be able to give you an estimation.

ASK IF THE ESTIMATE INCLUDES ALL PARTS AND LABOR. Check if there is any contingency before proceeding.

Project-based or hourly rate?

Will you be charged an hourly or flat rate? Hourly rates can often be the most affordable option as most plumbing tasks shouldn’t last more than one hour. Flat rates are ideal for large or renovation projects.

There are hidden costs in flat rate rates.

How is payment invoiced in ?

Is the plumber asking for payment in advance or half now, and half later? Never pay contractors 100% up front. You will waste your time if you try to recover money from them in court.

Every reputable plumbing company will have a written contract with clauses that set out payment based on the standard of their work or milestones.

Does the Worker Include Other Laborers?

The contract should include information about hired hands and apprenticeships. It’s a warning sign if a plumber does not disclose that they hire other laborers. The homeowner should know who will be doing the work on their home.

Contractors also need to ensure that all employees working for them are legally insured. If they get injured on your premises, may find yourself liable .

Ask them if they cleaned up After

It is important to not overlook this detail. Make sure they agree to clean after themselves. This is not only good etiquette, but part of the job.

Cleaning up is not part of the job description for a plumber. Contractors who are trying to maximize their hourly rates should be avoided.

What’s their guarantee?

All parts and services should have a warranty. If the contractor does not have good reviews, and cannot stand behind their work then it is probably not worth obtaining. Most established plumbers offer a warranty for at least a full year.

Usually, the manufacturer will provide warranty coverage for the parts.