The noise of water hammer is annoying and can also be an indication that there’s a bigger problem with your plumbing. Water hammer is likely to be the cause of banging or thumping after you’ve turned off a sink or appliance.

You can find several effective new solutions to the problem. This article will provide you with some advice and new ideas to stop the noises of water hammer.

Install Water Hammer Arrestors

Installing a water hammer stopper near the cause of the noise can reduce or eliminate it. These devices work by absorption the shocks of the water flowing through the pipes. Most hardware and plumbing supply stores carry them. They are fairly easy to install. Installing an arrestor for water hammer can reduce noise and prevent damage to your fixtures and pipes.

Adjust Water Pressure

Water hammer can be caused by high pressure. The sound of banging or thumping can be produced by high water pressure. This can be resolved by adjusting the water pressure or installing a new regulator. This will help to regulate the pressure of water and prevent water-hammer.

Install Air Chambers

Other options to reduce the noise of water hammer include air chambers. These chambers, which are located near the problematic area, act as a cushion to absorb the sound of water as it passes through the pipes. They are easy to install and cheap, but require regular maintenance to keep them working properly.

Installing Water Softener

When your water is high in minerals, it can lead to a buildup of mineral deposits inside your pipes and fixtures. This will cause water hammer sounds. Installing a softener helps remove the minerals in the water. This prevents buildup and reduces the risk of water hammer. Installing a water softener by a qualified plumber is essential for ensuring proper performance.


Water hammer can be frustrating, and it can also indicate that there is a bigger plumbing issue. You can stop the water hammer sound in its tracks with these innovative and effective solutions. Consult a professional plumber as soon as the problem persists. Water hammer can be controlled by following the steps below. This will protect your plumbing and allow you to enjoy a more quiet home.