Expert advice to plan a plumbing remodeling project. These diagrams show where toilets, sinks, and supply lines should be located. They also include tips on routing drain pipes and how to route them. It is possible to install new fixtures either above or below a soil stack.

Planning any plumbing expansion requires you to think about code limitations, the limitations of your system’s layout and your own abilities.

It is not difficult to run supply pipes to a new location, but it can be challenging to tie into drain-waste ventilation (DWV) pipes. This is the easiest and most cost-effective option to add fixtures to existing soil stacks. But codes can limit their use.

Additionally, the fixture(s), can be placed back-toback with the existing group at the soil pile. The soil stack must have a branch drain connected (see the diagram below right), as well as an existing clean out to the main house drainage.

You can tie a tub or bathroom sink directly into an existing branch drainage. Next, research access routes for pipes to new fixtures or appliances.