A single leak in the plumbing can cause major damage to your home. Water is not known for being compatible with household materials, such as furniture, artificial structures and other household items.

Leaks that are obvious can be fixed quickly to limit damage. Hidden leaks can be the most expensive. Here are five signs your home may have a water leak. It is crucial to find leaks quickly to prevent any damage or costly repairs.

Water charges

A plumbing leak could ruin all the hard work you’ve done to reduce water use over the summer. It is normal for water bills to increase as you use more water. You should be on the lookout for bills that are higher than usual as it could indicate a problem with your plumbing.

Meter Madness

After shutting off the supply, a watermeter should stop running. Every so often, turn off water to all appliances and the mains.

Check the meter once you have finished reading it. Return an hour later to double-check. If the meter shows no water usage and is still running, this usually means that there has been a leak.

Mold and Mildew

It is normal to see mold in bathrooms and kitchens. It is possible to see mold on ceilings and walls that are not in the shower.

It is crucial to repair such leaks as water can cause damage to ceilings and walls, as well as adversely impact human health.

Bad Odors

Leakage that has led to standing water can cause unpleasant odors. A leaking toilet or sewer line can cause unpleasant odors. You could be exposed to sewer gases, which can cause serious health problems. If you notice a leak in your toilet or sewer line, contact your local Glendale, CA Plumber right away.

Water Damage

Water damage and staining can be a sign that your home has a leak or condensation. A professional Glendale, CA Plumber can help you protect your home and pipes from further damage if you cannot reach the area affected.