Sewage backups can be unpleasant and costly to fix. You may feel helpless if there is a sewer backup. The homeowner should immediately remove the tank from their home. These are ways to stop it from happening.

What Are Sewage Backups

This question has been asked by many homeowners for years. The most common root causes are stormwater or sewer lines.

  • Tree roots become sewer line
  • Tree falling onto the sewer line
  • Construction on a neighboring property can cause a blockage to the mainline.
  • Forces external breaking the main pipeline

How to deal with sewage backup in your home?

It is crucial to know what to do in the event of a sewer backup.

Disable the Main Valve

Turn off the main water valve. A bucket can be placed underneath the overflow pipe.

Clear up Flood Space

It can be dangerous to go into a contaminated area if there is sewage backup.

Don’t Use Your Toilets

Pipes can become clogged with human waste. This can be prevented by shutting off the main water supply.

Contact a Glendale Plumber

It is a good idea for sewage backups to be reported to a Glendale, CA plumber. Plumbers will have the knowledge and experience to clear the drains and pipes. Sometimes, the plumber might need to replace damaged pipes. It all depends on what the cause is.