Leaking shut off valves can cause water waste and inconvenience in the household. The shut-off is responsible for controlling water flow into your home. A leak can result in increased water bills and water damage. In order to avoid expensive repairs, you should address the issue immediately. We will show you how to fix the leak in this article.

Step 1: Turn Off the Water Supply

Turn off the main water shut-off valve before beginning any repair work. Turn off the main water shutoff valve. You might need to turn the water off at the meter, or even the well if you are unable to find the main shut-off valve. You must ensure that all water supplies are completely turned off in order to prevent any accidents.

Step 2: Remove Nut and Handle

You can start disassembling the valve once the water has been turned off. Remove the handle. This is usually held on with a small screw. With a wrench, remove the nut which holds the stem of the valve in place. Once the nut has been removed, you will be able to pull the valve stem out.

Step 3: Inspect Valve Stems & Washers

The valve stem and washer should be inspected for damage or wear. It is necessary to replace the washer if it has become worn or damaged. To find a replacement, you can bring the old washer to a local hardware store.

Step 4: Replace Washer

Before installing the washer on the valve stem, grease it with plumber’s greasing. Make sure that you have a washer that is snugly fitted onto the valve stem.

Step 5: Reassemble Valve

Reassemble the Valve by inserting stem into valve and tightening nut with wrench. The nut should be tightened just enough to prevent leaks without damaging the valve.

Step 6: Turn the water on

If you notice any leaks, turn off the water supply. If you find any leaks in the valve, turn off the supply of water and tighten it further until the problem is resolved.

Step 7: Replace valve

It may be necessary to replace the valve entirely if it is severely damaged, or if replacing the washer did not resolve the problem. A shut-off valve replacement is a complicated task that requires more experience. You may want to consult with a professional.


The process of fixing a leaking shut off valve is relatively simple and can save you lots of money. Follow the guide to fix the issue quickly and efficiently. You should address any leaking shut off valve as quickly as you can to avoid costly repairs and water damage. It is important to contact a professional to resolve the problem if it persists even after you have tried to fix it.