In the vibrant canvas of plumbing advancements, pressing 1.5″ copper has carved a niche of its own, especially with power players like Ridgid and Viega redefining the standards of this craft. In this piece, we traverse the lesser-known paths to uncover fresh insights and advice for enthusiasts and professionals aiming to hone their skills in copper pressing. Join us as we unravel the potentials that lie in the collaboration of technique and technology with Ridgid and Viega.

Unlocking Efficiency with Ridgid

Ridgid, a brand synonymous with quality, has been spearheading a movement towards greater efficiency in the world of plumbing. Particularly when it comes to pressing 1.5″ copper, Ridgid’s state-of-the-art pressing tools come equipped with advanced LED light technology that facilitates precise work even in low light conditions. This emphasis on detail ensures that each pressing job is not just a task but a work of art.

Adding to this is the integration of advanced battery technology, allowing for uninterrupted work, thus reducing downtime considerably. Moreover, their focus on fostering educational platforms helps professionals to stay abreast of the latest developments, thus facilitating an environment of continuous learning and growth.

Safety and Precision with Viega

Safety takes center stage when we talk about Viega’s approach towards copper pressing. Their ProPress system comes equipped with features that enhance job site safety, reducing the risk associated with traditional soldering methods. Additionally, their flameless connection technology signifies a leap towards a safer and more efficient working environment.

In addition, Viega has been pioneering in offering solutions that facilitate ease of inspection, thus reducing post-installation hassles. Their visual inspection feature aids in identifying securely pressed connections easily, thus saving time and ensuring peace of mind. When working with 1.5″ copper, utilizing Viega’s system can ensure a harmonious blend of safety, efficiency, and precision.


As we navigate the evolving landscape of copper pressing, adopting the innovative techniques and products offered by Ridgid and Viega can pave the path for a future where efficiency meets excellence. From leveraging advanced LED technology to fostering a safer work environment, these brands beckon a new era in the plumbing industry. Embrace this journey of evolution with open arms, as we stand at the cusp of a revolution that promises to redefine the paradigms of copper pressing. Let’s step forward, armed with knowledge and empowered by technology, to craft a future where every copper pressing project resonates with quality and innovation.