A gas leak could be frightening. Natural gas is dangerous. Younger children can stay simple but inform you that they must leave the house if they notice any suspicious signs. You can save your family’s life by knowing the signs of gas leakage. Let’s review the signs that indicate a gas leak, and what steps you should take to protect your family’s safety.


Natural gases do not smell.

  • Remove family members who are vulnerable from their homes
  • Turn off the gas in your home
  • Turn off any electrical appliance that could cause a fire

Make sure your family is out of the building by calling your local gas company


Gas leaks can cause wilting or death in your plants if your green thumb is not working. You should open as many windows and doors possible before you test your gas lines. If the wilting is severe or sudden you should evacuate your house and turn off any gas before calling a company. If you suspect that there is a serious leak, it is important to notify the gas company as well as the fire department.


If gas lines look damaged or decayed you need to immediately turn them off. If there is a severe leak, you should inform authorities before calling a gas service.

Unseen gas leaks can cause serious harm.

A gas line inspection every year will help experts spot potential problems before they cause danger to you and your family. Talking to your family and having evacuation plans can increase your chances that gas leaks are detected before they pose a risk to you and your loved ones.