It can be very annoying to lose hot running water in your bathroom. Hot water issues in your bathroom could be a problem.


It could be that your pipes are corroded. This can cause water-flow problems in older homes. Most pipes will become damaged from the inside. Water-flow stops due to corrosion. Pipes will probably need to replaced.


If your pipes are in good condition and show no signs or corrosion, it could have been your pipe line. Our Pasadena emergency plumber will inspect the pipe and determine if it is installed in an efficient manner.

Sometimes a pipe can travel through areas where temperatures are low or are not well insulated.


It does not appear that corrosion is the cause of the problem. Now, what can we do? We need to inspect the pipes for signs of leakage. A leaky pipe can be easily found by looking closely at them and checking the water pressure.


When you need to stop water flow, valved pipes lines allow you to do so. This is a common problem, and it’s easy to fix. Just follow the pipe connecting the bathroom and water heater to locate your valve. Simply open the valve once again after you locate it.

Our Pasadena Plumbers also install a temperature-regulating valve. The temperature regulating valve regulates the water’s temperature to ensure it doesn’t get too hot/cold.


If the faucet doesn’t seem to have hot water, it could be that minerals have accumulated making it hard to get hot water. This is because higher temperatures can result in more mineral deposits.

Our Pasadena Plumbers are able to fix faucets that have failed due to hard water. A few simple adjustments should be enough.


Hot water pressure can cause problems in your bathroom.


You might want to inspect both your water heater and your pipe pathway. Your water heater may need to be larger to meet your home’s needs.