Upgrading your valve can improve the quality of your shower and save you water. Installing a shower valve can be a rewarding project for anyone renovating their bathroom or looking to replace a worn out valve.

We’ll show you how to install the new shower valve in this blog. It will be a smooth and refreshing upgrade to your bathroom.

Gather your Tools and Materials

Make sure you have all of the tools and materials you need before starting. You’ll also need a screwdriver, pipe wrench, adjustable nut wrench, plumber’s tap, and the shower valve kit. Before you begin, turn off your bathroom’s water supply.

Step 2: Remove your old shower valve

Disconnect the water supply line and remove any mounting screws. With a pipe-wrench, loosen the old valve and remove it from the wall.

Step 3: Prepare your New Shower

Valve Install the new valve by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use plumber’s tap to seal the threads and prevent leaks.

Step 4 Install the New Shower

Valve Insert the shower valve in the wall with care, ensuring that it is aligned properly with the existing plumbing. Secure the valve by tightening the mounting screws. Reconnect the supply lines to ensure they are leak-free and tight.

Step 5: Test your shower valve

Test the new valve for leaks and other issues by turning on the water supply. Make all necessary adjustments to make sure the valve functions correctly.

Step 6: Finishing touch

After the new valve has been installed and is working properly, you can install the shower handle kit and complete the upgrade. Enjoy a revitalized, refreshed shower!