Each day, plumbing is essential to the survival of a household. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), an American family uses approximately 400 gallons per day. 70% of water is consumed indoors. This includes the water used in the kitchen, wash machine and bathroom. These areas are crucial for daily household life.

When it comes down to household plumbing, functionality is the key. There are many mistakes that can happen over time and cause these essentials to stop working. To prevent future problems, it’s important to keep up to date with your plumbing system. It is not something anyone plans on doing.

Surprises are best enjoyed at a party. Plumbing errors are not something you want to do at a party. These top plumbing mistakes can be a surprise to homeowners.


First, drains are essential to a functional plumbing system. If homeowners pour harmful substances down their drains they could be in trouble. Household drains can be damaged by many different household items. Clogged drains are often caused by vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and grease.

Daily bathroom use can lead to clogs in drains from hair products, oils, flushable wipes or cotton balls.

All of these items are on the “No Fly” list for your household’s drainage system. All of these items should be thrown in the trash.


Drain cleaners are meant to clean out your drains. Overuse and misuse can make drain cleaners ineffective.

A drain cleaner could pose a risk to homeowners. Drain cleaners are composed of harsh chemicals to remove and clear blockages from drains.

Drains can often be damaged by harsh cleaning agents. A drain cleaner might not be able to reach the blocked drain if there is only a part of the blockage. It is more efficient to spend money on a professional job rather than blindly pour chemicals down your drain.


Fixtures are often neglected. The faucets are subject to the most abuse due to daily use in the kitchen and bathrooms. Over time, a faucet can leak if it is pulled and pushed too hard. Shower heads feel the pressure from the faucet handle as the shower caddies pull the fixture down.

Shampoos and other heavy shower products can cause the shower head to break and may even be too heavy for it. It is important to take care of your plumbing fixtures in order to prolong their life and prevent future problems.


While it is not common for households to neglect plumbing problems, this can only lead to more expensive expenses later. If left unattended, a small leak can quickly grow into a much larger problem. As time passes, the problem will only get worse. Problems with your plumbing are a concern. Do not wait to see if the problem is solved.


Sometimes, a home plumber can make an already-severe problem worse. Do-it yourself plumbing is never a good idea. Sometimes, jobs can prove more complex than originally thought. Many pieces can be confusing when it comes to putting together plumbing pipes or fixtures.

It can be difficult for people not experienced in the field to do this. Although some people may think that they are saving money by starting their own plumbing journeys, errors and missteps could cause a worse outcome.