Plumbing leaks can quickly become costly if not caught early. It is a good idea to have a local Pasadena Plumber check the water pressure in your home and to inspect it visually. But, smart homeowners and business owners would prefer to prevent plumbing problems that could result in huge financial losses.

Slow Plumbing Leaks

Did your homeowners insurance cover slow leaks? Insurance may not cover the cost for repairing a small continuous drip that causes damage to the plywood or floor underneath your water heater. Many water pipes can be hidden in walls, ceilings and floors. Although a small leak may not be apparent, it is possible to have walls or ceilings removed in order to fix the problem.

Be sure to check yours. A deductible is an insurance policy that covers you for medical expenses.

Mold Damage from Leakage in the Plumbing System

Another plumbing leak is a pipe in the wall. Mold growth can be dangerous and can lead to serious respiratory problems. Mold problems may be a problem if your family has symptoms like asthma that disappear when you’re away. This could make it harder for elderly and small children to breathe.