The frustration of a toilet not flushing is unsettling, but there’s good news: There’s probably a simple fix. This guide is compiled by our expert Glendale, CA Plumbers. Depending upon the issue with the toilet, you may be capable of fixing it yourself.


If you feel no resistance when pushing down on the handle, it is likely that the lift chain within the tank has shifted. It connects with the flapper to release water and causes too much slack.

Solution Remove the tank cover and cut the lift chain to the required length.


It is almost impossible to prevent a clogged bathroom from happening if someone in your household uses too many toilet paper, throws an item such as a toy into the toilet bowl, or flushes a sanitary substance.

Solution You may be able fish for items such as toys. To clear absorbent materials such as diapers and sanitary products, it is best to use a toilet brush or to plunge out the clog.


Toilets won’t flush when there’s not enough water in the bowl. The float ball might have been wrongly adjusted in your tank, signaling that your toilet isn’t getting enough water.

Solution Unlock the tank lid. The floatball should be floating between the fill valve and overflow tube. You might find a line in the porcelain that indicates the correct level for the floatball to remain at. You can adjust the float to maintain this level.


The flapper may be damaged if you notice that your toilet is frequently running. The flapper is attached to the lift cable and opens when the handle is pressed. The rubber flapper may become damaged over time and it will no longer seal the toilet’s flush tube hole.

Get a new flapper in a hardware store or home improvement shop. They are affordable and easy to locate. Turn off your main water supply, drain the tank and replace the worn flapper. Turn on the water again and flush the toilet.


If the toilet won’t flush despite all your efforts, you should call a professional Glendale, CA Plumber to examine your plumbing system and look for any major problems. Clogged drains in your entire home are the most obvious sign of a sewer line or drain system problem.

Solutions: A licensed Glendale, CA Plumber can diagnose and fix clogs, without the need to take out pipes. A plumbing problem or drain line issue is not something you can do yourself.

The video inspection will be used by your local Glendale, CA Plumber to repair the problem.