After months of steady water bills, or even years, suddenly your water bill has risen without explanation. This strange occurrence is often a reason for people to be suspicious of their neighbors. However, high water bills are very rarely the result from water theft.

Before you start asking your neighbors for information, here are a few common causes of high water costs.

Water changes

Subtle increases in water use can lead to changes in water bills. Recently, did you have house guests who may have doubled and tripled your water consumption in your home over a certain period? Perhaps you have been watering the lawns or flower beds since spring. Perhaps you have been filling up your swimming pool or running water-cooled air conditioners more often in the summer.

Faucet Leaks

Toilet and faucet leaks are another reason for higher water bills. A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons per day of water. This should be the first thing you check. Our Glendale, CA plumbers are happy to assist. Water bills can be increased by leaking faucets.

Inspect plumbing fixtures for signs such as mold, dampness or deterioration. Also, check your hot water heater for leaks. According to plumbing experts, this is a potential source of leaks as well as something you should inspect regularly.

Underground Leaks

Water leaks may occur in difficult to reach areas, such as under your house or in your yard. These issues can be detected by checking crawl spaces and outdoor water spigots. Also, look out for unusual wet areas in your yard.

Glendale, CA Plumbers can perform this type of water line inspections and repairs.

Other Reasons

Sometimes other causes of a spike on your water bill are more obscure. An older water meter might not work as well or be as accurate as a modern one. If you’ve exhausted all other methods and still doubt the accuracy of your readings then ask the water company to examine their meter.

A high water bill can become a problem if there are leaks. On average, a leaky faucet can waste 450 gallons of water each month. A 1/8 inch leak can drain over 114,000.

If you are having trouble diagnosing your water problem and have a high water bill, we would be happy to assist.