Broken sewer lines are a serious problem for your home’s plumbing and could cause significant damage to your property. To limit any damage to your home, you must recognize signs that indicate that you require a sewer repair.


If you spot the six signs of a sewer line problem, you can call a professional Glendale, CA Plumber to correct the problem before it gets worse.


A broken sewer line smell is one of the best early warning signs. This smell is very similar to rotten egg and is difficult to ignore. You might be smelling raw sewage if you find yourself constantly smelling it.


Slow drains are more common signs of plumbing problems. However, it is often difficult to determine exactly what is causing the drains to become less efficient. A damaged sewer line could cause slow drains.

Tree roots, tree roots, and other objects can cause sewer lines to become less efficient. It is in your best interests to call a professional Glendale, CA plumber if you suspect that you might have a serious problem with your plumbing.


Every home experiences occasional pest problems. Your sewer line might be responsible if you are experiencing a large increase in pest problems.

Rodents especially love to be near sewer lines. If you notice an increase in rodent activity near your home, it could indicate that your sewer line is damaged.


Increased mold or mildew growth in a particular area can indicate an increase in moisture. You will notice an increase in mold or mildew growth if you look closely at the affected area.

There are many possible causes, but the most common is that your plumbing is faulty. It is possible to have the problem diagnosed by a licensed plumber so it can be fixed before it becomes worse.


However, mold and mildew often accompany excessive moisture. You may not recognize these signs as a sign of a plumbing problem if the conditions aren’t right.

If this is the situation, you should be looking out for signs of water damage. If you notice signs like discoloration or warped wood from frequent contact with water, it could be an indication that areas of your home are being exposed to water in ways they weren’t intended.


If your sewer line is failing, flooding in your yard or home could be an indication that it has. Your sewer line may be so compromised that raw sewage can bubble up in your yard. Or it may be so blocked that the sewage that is produced in your home will only go up your pipes.

If you have either of these situations, your plumbing issue is an emergency. Your best option is to leave your home and turn off your water main. Then, call an emergency plumber immediately.

Depending on the extent of flooding, your Glendale emergency plumber might recommend calling emergency services.


Although we can’t always catch all problems before they become major problems, we can reduce the risk. To ensure potential problems are caught early, talk to your plumber.