How many times did you ignore a leaky faucet or low water pressure? If your answer is “everytime”, you’ve probably never experienced the pain and difficulty of repairing a water leak. You need to know what to look out for to avoid serious damage.

When it comes to plumbing, there are many signs that can be detected. Many homeowners ignore them or don’t realize they exist. It is important to know that undiscovered leaks can cause serious damage to different structures within a property.

Hidden Leaks

Your plumbing system is comprised of numerous water lines which are attached to various appliances throughout your home. The majority of plumbing is hidden and hard to find. It is possible for water to seep behind walls, floors or in rooms that you do not use often.

You can find leaks in your water pipes by following these steps. While you might not be able inspect every inch, it is possible to determine if there is an issue somewhere.

Turn off Warm Water Appliances

Your warm water mains are used by any appliance. This will make it hard to identify if your water lines are leaking. Turn off all appliances that need warm water input or output.

Even if the appliance is not in use, there may be a function that hinders its ability to detect leaks. Examples of such appliances include washing machines, and some types of AC units. Once you have everything in order, you can proceed to the next stage.

Check your water meter

You can use your main’s water meters to check for unsuspected leaks. The dial on your watermeter can be used to quickly determine if there is any problem in your plumbing system.

When all your warm water appliances have been turned off, the dial of your meter shouldn’t move. You can observe if the dial is moving during observation. This indicates that there may be a leak in your water lines.

The Meter Numbers

Another indicator that your water lines are clean is the number on your meter. The numbers on your meter should not change, as long you do not use any water.

Note the numbers and give it 20 minutes. Then, come back to verify again.┬áKeep in mind that you can’t use water while you wait. If you do, your results will be inaccurate.┬áThere may be a problem if your results are not consistent on the second check.