During your morning bath, water was pooling around your ankles. Next, your toilet almost burst when you flushed it.

This is usually how it starts. It is normal to believe that your toilet and your shower are blocked. However, the truth is that your sewer main has become clogged.

Water that can’t move down will rise. It is possible to identify the source of the obstruction by the way the water is coming up. In this case, the obstruction is “downstream” of where the toilet and shower connect to the sewer main. This also means that there is enough obstruction to block two drains.

Our Pasadena Plumbers won’t recommend running water in the house to locate the obstruction. To prevent sewage backing up in your drains, our Pasadena Plumbers recommend shutting off your water supply. Our Pasadena Plumbers use sophisticated techniques to find the obstruction. This includes a plumbing video camera inspection.

Unclogging your main sewer line is more complicated than just removing a piece of toilet paper from the toilet or pulling hair out of the shower drain. It is not recommended to try to clean any main drain line by yourself. However, these methods may be able to help you get rid of the blockage using the connecting lines and eliminate pressure problems.

  • Check the vent. A blockage (dead squirrel) in a vent pipe can cause pressure to prevent your main sewer lines from draining. You will need to remove the obstruction in order to relieve the pressure. Consider stepping off the roof.

How to Clear a Sewer Line Obstruction

If none of the above methods are successful or you prefer not to risk damaging your plumbing, contact your local Pasadena Plumber. Our first step is to diagnose your plumbing system. Before we do any work, you will be informed of the exact cause. Before we start the work, we will agree on a price.

Based on what we find out, professional Pasadena Plumbers might use one of many methods to remove or repair the main sewer line.

We often find an obstruction in the main sewer line, such as tree roots or grease. The following sewer-line repair techniques are available:

  • Hydro Service Our plumbers can remove tree roots, debris, or any other build-up using pressurized jets.
  • Pipe Lining Using the latest technology, our plumbers line your sewer main with a sleeves to stop any leakage. This stops exterior water from getting into the pipes and attracting tree roots. This trenchless, permanent sewer line repair method creates very little mess and doesn’t require digging up pipes.
  • Hydroponic pipe burst: Our Pasadena Plumbers can use hydraulic pipe bursting hydraulics in order to remove the old sewer pipes and then install brand-new HDPE pipes. HDPE pipe can be used to make environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and chemical-resistant pipes.
  • Plumbing maintenance Our plumbers can also provide a routine inspection and drain-cleaning plan in order to avoid the buildup of household waste in your sewer lines. Our Pasadena Plumbers are also able to prevent tree roots reaching unlined pipes.