Want to stop annoying drip, drip drip from your faucets? The U.S. Geological Survey’s leak calculator shows that you can lose over 300 gallons of water per year due to a leaking or dripping faucet.

A small issue like a leaking faucet should not cause you to waste money.

Get All the Tools You Need

You’ll need to get all the supplies you need to fix your faucet leak. The faucet will not seal against water pressure if the washer or seat assembly are damaged.

You’ll need a flat head screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

Turn off the water

It’s not enough just to get your tools. You need to make sure you don’t let water run around in the room after you have removed the faucet. This is one the most costly and frequent mistakes that can be made during a project. This is a sign that your faucet is leaking and that you are at serious risk of water damage.

It is important to drain all water from the faucet handles, main line knobs and faucet handles

Make Sure You Replace Broken or Loose Parts


Check the aerator carefully for any particles. Check for leaks by removing any particles from your aerator. Make sure you tighten the nozzle if possible.


A washer placed against the faucet’s seat prevents water flow. If it persists, it might be necessary to replace either the washer or the seat.

Take off the faucet head. Inspect the washer to verify that it is still in its original position. The perfect match cannot be made. Washer could crack and cause more problems.


O-rings seal many faucets. Leakage can be fixed by replacing the handle. Make sure you get the correct size O-ring. Otherwise, it will not work.


On cartridge faucets, there are usually one or two handles. They are much easier to recognize than ball or compression faucets. They are easy to put in. You have two choices: you can record the removal, or you can just place them aside in the exact order they were taken Replace the washer and O ring. Then you can rebuild the faucet.

Replace Your Faucet

It is possible to have your whole fixture replaced if the problem persists. This will solve your problem. Consider all options including hands-free faucets for your home.

Contact a Local Pasadena Plumber

Sometimes, the problem might not be yours.