Drain/ Sewer Installation Repair Service Details

Maybe your home is in need of sewer and drain pipe repair or an entire pipe replacement? Or if you are looking for new sewer and drain pipe installation altogether, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Pershing Plumbing serves Pasadena and the surrounding areas. We offer the highest quality sewer and drain services at affordable prices. Don’t face a sewer and drain issue alone, let our expert technicians provide you with peace of mind with our exceptional services.

What Signs Indicate a Damaged Sewer or Drain Pipe?

Got a slow moving or backed up drain? Or perhaps you have waste water that backs up your tub, shower or sink drains? Is your toilet not flushing? Do you have a foul smell in your basement or yard?

These are some of the common drain and sewer problems that many people face from time to time.

While some people may rely on commercial drain cleaners to attempt to remedy these issues, this is never the best choice to make. Commercial cleaners are filled with chemicals and can actually cause more damage than help. Trust our expert technicians to remedy your issues as soon as you notice them.

What Causes a Damaged Sewer or Drain Pipe?

There are a variety of things that can cause drain, sewer and water line problems. For example, accumulated waste can lead to major obstructions in drain pipes and water lines. Seals and pipes can corrode, crack or collapse.

Additionally, tree roots can make their way into sewer and water lines, causing a drastic blockage. These kinds of drain and sewer problems can cause significant damage if not addressed right away and properly.

Why Do Sewer and Drain Pipe Require Repair or Replacement?


Whether it’s due to root intrusion in your sewer and drain pipes or good ‘ole wear and tear and deterioration, sewer and drain pipe repair and complete pipe replacement may be necessary to get your home back to running in tip top shape.

Because sewer line damage can cause serious leaking issues in your home, once damage is detected repair or replacement can save you from the total loss of your home. From a simple sewer drain pipe repair to a complete home sewer drain pipe replacement, we are your go-to guys to get the job done right, with efficient quality and care.

Signs you might need your drains repaired or replaced:



Excessive buildup of minerals and grease can block your pipes, slowing the drain. When you notice sluggish plumbing, address the problem as promptly as possible.



As we said, you should watch for more than clogs. However, frequent clogs often point to a larger problem. Don’t hesitate to get professional help!



If you begin to notice a strange smell wafting up from your drains, you could be facing a pipe blockage. A sewer smell that comes from multiple drains indicates either a problem with the venting system or a broken sewer pipe.

What is the Benefit of Professional Sewer and Drain Installation Services?

If you are looking to install a new sewer and drain pipe due to remodeling, relocating a fixture or appliance, or just looking to fine tune your home plumbing system, it is imperative that you leave it to a professional.

Sewer and drain pipes, if not properly installed, can cause waste and bacteria to back up into your home, posing as a health risk to you and your family. So don’t take the risk by doing it yourself or hiring a handyman to do the work, leave it to your expert sewer and drain plumbers at Pershing Plumbing. 

Whether you’re repairing your existing sewer and drain lines or looking to install brand new lines trust in our services. With industry leading knowledge and experience you can rest assured knowing you’re getting professional services with longevity. Let us provide your home with comfort and reliability today!

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Thank you Pershing Plumbing for responding to my emergency call. I had a hot water heater pipe burst. Shane came out after he had a late night early morning call the day before.

Shane got to my house as soon as they could. Shane was the nicest gentleman I met in a long time, he was very polite and professional and got the job done. I highly recommend them.

Joel M.

We had a problem with our water heater on a Sunday night. Shane was helpful on the phone and then Shane arrived early the next morning to fix the leak. All in all a great experience with Pershing Plumbing.

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