Water Line Installation & Repair

Water Line Installation & Repair Service Details

When a water line needs to be repaired, call Pershing Plumbing for water line plumbing in Glendale, CA. We offer trenchless water line repair as an affordable alternative to conventional methods of repairing underground water lines.

Our Pasadena plumbing experts are licensed, insured, trained, and equipped to locate and repair problems with water lines.

Damaged Water Lines

Water lines can become damaged by clogs, tree roots, or due to the age of your plumbing, especially in older homes. When you suspect a problem with a water line, you should contact an experienced plumber to inspect your plumbing system.

Our Pasadena Plumbers help repair damaged water lines to get the water flowing again at your home or commercial property.

Signs of a broken water line include:

  • A drop in your water pressure
  • An increase in water bills
  • Discolored water
  • Air in the pipes when you run the water
  • Cracking in paved areas
  • Wet spots on the lawn

If you notice one or more of the above signs of a problem with your water line, our Pasadena plumber will provide prompt service. We offer same day service for residential and commercial properties in Pasadena.

Our Pasadena plumbers can inspect your system and locate the source of your problem using state of the art plumbing technology.

Water Line Repair & Installation With No Damage

Repairs without Damage

Our trenchless water line plumbing services allow us to repair your water lines without digging. We use no-dig technology to repair your water lines without the need to dig up your property.

This method is generally quicker, cleaner, and more affordable than traditional methods, which require excavation.

Make sure to call Pershing Plumbing to have our Pasadena plumbing team inspect your system and recommend the best repair option.

Read What Our Customers Have To Say…

Thank you Pershing Plumbing for responding to my emergency call. I had a hot water heater pipe burst. Shane came out after he had a late night early morning call the day before.

Shane got to my house as soon as they could. Shane was the nicest gentleman I met in a long time, he was very polite and professional and got the job done. I highly recommend them.

Joel M.

We had a problem with our water heater on a Sunday night. Shane was helpful on the phone and then Shane arrived early the next morning to fix the leak. All in all a great experience with Pershing Plumbing.

Jane D.

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