It can be difficult to decide which project will best increase your Glendale, CA home’s value and still make your home more functional.

Remodeling and home improvements are not cheap.

If you are looking for a project that will provide a high return on investment in both value and function, then kitchen remodeling is the perfect choice.

This list is compiled by our plumbers.

High-End Appliances

A kitchen’s appliances are what make it or break it. High-end appliances will make your kitchen look more elegant and sophisticated than you realize. These appliances can not only add value to your kitchen, but they can also make your home more attractive to potential homebuyers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new range or refrigerator, a cooktop, or another practical device that could improve your kitchen, there are many options.

Neutral Colors

Although it may sound simple, changing the color palette in your kitchen to a more neutral tones might provide you with the greatest return on investment during a kitchen renovation. Because of their design versatility, neutral color tones are quite popular these days.

Also, a neutral background is more effective than a bolder color choice in highlighting the beauty of your kitchen appliances and countertops.

Chef’s Kitchen

Today, there are more amateur foodies and chefs than ever before. This has made chef’s cooking a very popular option for kitchen remodeling.

Potential renters and buyers are increasingly looking for high-end cooking equipment such as double ovens and gas stoves. You can make your home stand out by upgrading it to a fully-functioning chef’s kitchen.

Increase the size of your space

Potential buyers will be most interested in a larger kitchen when you sell your home. This can make the difference between accepting an offer or asking for more.

It is worth looking into kitchen remodeling options that include extending your kitchen. This will not only increase your home’s square footage, but it also adds tremendous functionality to your kitchen.