Being a homeowner can make it stressful. You don’t need to call the landlord every time something goes wrong. It’s time for you to fix it! Plumbing is one of most common problems that can happen in your home. It is easy for pipes to crack or block, especially in older pipes.

A blockage in the drain can usually be caused by an appliance. The problem can be solved by either plunging or using snakes to get rid of it. Sometimes, however the clog may be deeper in the main sewer.

If this happens, it is time for a professional Glendale, CA Plumber to clean out your sewer line. How do you find out if the sewer is blocked?

Slow-Draining Plumbing

Slow-draining plumbing may indicate that your main sewer line is clogged. This could cause slow drainage and water to take a while before it drains.

You should check the draining speed of your toilet when you flush it. Pay attention to other appliances such as sinks. Do not ignore slow draining pipes that aren’t blocking completely. You can save yourself from severe blockage later on, which is what you don’t want.

Water backup in unexpected places

It is possible for water to stop draining from your toilets or showers if they become clogged. It’s easy to identify this problem. If waste doesn’t disappear when you flush the toilet, then your toilet drain needs to be unblocked.

What happens when you flush the toilet but the water returns to another place? You’ve just used the upstairs bathroom and water is now in the downstairs bath. It means that water was able to travel some distance, but not all the way. It could also be due to a pipe further down, which could indicate the main sewer line. It’s a clear sign that it is time to learn how to clean out your sewer.

Bubbles Are Increasingly Popular

You may also notice bubbles in your appliances. If you place a tap on the sink, the toilet bubbles alarmingly. Even if your toilets and sinks don’t fill up with water, bubbling can still be a problem. While it might not seem like a problem, you could have bubbles every time your flush the toilet.

Plumbing: Odd Smells

Toilets can get stale if they aren’t cleaned regularly. It’s a fact. It’s not a good sign if you can smell the sewage in a freshly cleaned bathroom. It could indicate that your house is being re-entertainable by the sewer line.

While it may seem tempting to simply unclog the main sewer without cleaning out the line, this will require a professional Glendale, CA Plumbing Company if the smell is persistent and noticeable. It’s not normal for a bathroom to smell like this.

The Pipes Can’t Handle Large Water Volumes

You should not ignore it if the toilet flushes and the sinks run fine, but high washing machine loads cause back-up. While it might be tempting to reduce load and pretend that there isn’t a problem, there’s a high likelihood that these will become a problem. The clog will only get worse with time. It’ll be easier to clear it if you do it right away.

Although the symptoms of a clogged sewer line are often manageable, it’s important that they be addressed promptly to ensure everything works properly. A professional Glendale, CA Sewer Line Cleaner will ensure that clogs don’t get worse.

Flooding in the Yard

The main sewer line must move if it is blocked. This means that your yard will likely flood as the water can return up through the pipes.

A professional Glendale, CA Plumber may be able to inspect your yard if you notice excessive dampness even though it isn’t raining. It is also important to note if your yard looks particularly lush as sewage flooding can cause it too. There are many possible causes, but the most common is a sewer clog. It might be worth cleaning out the outside sewer lines.

Mold and Mildew in Your Home

Perhaps these oddly wet patches weren’t there. You might have noticed wet patches all around your home. Water could be entering your home via other methods if there is a blockage. Even if you don’t notice any problems, it is important to have your appliances checked immediately.

If left untreated, mold and mildew can cause serious damage to your house’s foundation. Do not wait — as soon as you notice patches, call a professional Glendale, CA Plumber.

Are you noticing these signs? These Signs Could Be Your Reason for a Sewer Cleanout

It’s not what anyone wants, but a clog in the main drain line is a nightmare. It is difficult to repair DIY as a plunger or snake won’t work. It requires more specialized equipment.

Do not ignore these signs, no matter how annoying they may seem. It could easily get worse. You can’t do a sewer clean-out on your own. These signs are a sign that you need to get a professional Glendale, CA Plumber.