Drain snakes are tools used by plumbers to remove blockages in drainpipes. You should not attempt to snake the bathtub drain yourself. If your drain snake won’t go down the pipe, don’t force them. Get in touch with a local Glendale, CA Plumber close to you.

Here are some reasons why your drain snake is unlikely to go down the bathtub’s drain:

  • The wrong size drain snake – A drain snake that is too small may not fit down the drain. A small drum auger can be used to remove drain clogs. The cables inside these augers are usually between 15 and 25 feet in length. You can double-check your drain snake with a plumber to confirm that you have the right type.
  • Dysfunctional drain Snake – Our Glendale, CA Plumbers recommend that you make sure your drain snake is in good working order. It might have been damaged from previous use. Some drain snakes, especially older and less-used ones, may still contain remnants of past blockages. This could mean that a new drain snake is required.
  • Too much force: It is tempting to try to force the snake cable through the drain by using too much force. The cable may bend or kink if it is forced to move. Instead of forcing it, you can extend the snake cable several inches at a stretch until the clog is reached.
  • A blockage is a blockage that is too severe to be cleared with a drain snake.

The stopper mechanism of the drain can cause bathtub blockages. A snake may not be necessary if this is the situation. A drain snake can be used to remove clogs that are deeper down. Be careful, as we mentioned earlier. It is easy to cause more damage to your plumbing system by not knowing how to use a drain pipe.