It may not seem like an issue, but a leaky outdoor tap can be quite a problem. The problem is outdoors, and the spigot will get wet anyway. While a leaky faucet won’t cause any damage to your property, it can waste a lot.

Slow leaky faucets may not always remain that way. This could lead to a more serious leak, which can damage plants. Here’s how to fix a leaking outdoor faucet .


You can use a wrench, pliers, or screwdriver to fix almost any outdoor faucet. These tools will be needed to fix the problem to a different degree depending on your preference. The location of the leak will determine the materials required.

You can try these fixes¬†below. Start with the easiest and move to the next if that doesn’t work.¬†They will begin with the easiest repairs first and then move on to more complicated fixes that may require additional parts.


This is the easiest solution and is very common for faucet leaks. You can remove the handle from the spigot to reveal a retaining nuts. You can tighten the nut with the wrench and check if it fixes the leak. You should not tighten it too tightly, as it could damage the nut.

The nut should not be tightened with too much pressure. If the spigot leaks and the nut remains in place, you can continue to the next solution. Replace the nut if it’s cracked.


The second most common issue is the need to replace the washer at one end of the faucet stem. You will need to turn off the water first before you can remove the faucet stem. To remove the faucet stem, you will need to take off the handle.

The length of these stems may reach 12 inches, depending on which faucet you have. The washer that must be replaced is located at the end the stem. This can be done with a screwdriver. Replace the handle and stem with a new washer and check if the leak is fixed.


The vacuum breaker is usually found on outdoor faucets. You will need to first remove the cap that covers the vacuumbreaker. To pop it off, you might need to use a screwdriver. Below the cap, you will find the actual breaker. First, take off the breaker pieces and wash them.

Sometimes they stop working efficiently when they become dirty. In these cases, cleaning the parts can fix the problem. You can then clean and replace the parts. If you have trouble cleaning the parts, try replacing them with newer ones.