The scent of pumpkin spiced lattes fills your air and signals that autumn is here. Autumn is a great place to cool off after the heat of summer. There are many activities, such as pumpkin picking and hayrides. You can also wear light coats or scarves. This is how to get your plumbing ready for fall.

Insulate Pipes & Fix Leaks

Any plumbing system that has leaks is at its most vulnerable. When it is cold outside, leaks can freeze first. Leakage usually occurs where the pipes are weakest. When the ice freezes, pipes can explode.

It’s not fun to deal with a burst pipeline when it’s cold outside. But, if it’s warm enough, it will be easier to locate leaks because it will be easier to see any water droplets.

In the summer, make sure to inspect each pipe both inside and outside your house. The lid of your septic tanks should be kept in place. Do not ignore any leaks, even if they seem minor. You should have them fixed by a professional plumber to ensure safety.

Make sure that you have good insulation for non-leaky pipes. Pipes that are not properly insulated can freeze, even though there are no leaks. This typically involves covering pipes with foam insulation or another material. A professional Glendale, CA Plumber is best to do this in order to maintain maximum safety for your pipes.

You should be aware of where your water main is located. In the event of a pipe burst, you can switch off the main to prevent any further harm. If you plan to be gone during winter, this is a good idea to do to prevent water freezing inside your pipes.

Insulate and inspect your septic tank

A septic tank is the fundamental component of your plumbing system. It might be difficult or costly to access an underground tank under the ground if there were any problems during winter. Regular maintenance is required for septic tanks to remain functional. You don’t want a tank that is full of piled mud or other waste before winter.

As autumn approaches, contact a professional Glendale, CA Plumber and have your septic tank emptied. Ask them to inspect the insulation of your septic tank. If it isn’t, they can check that. You can rest easy this fall as long as you have your plumbing ready for the next winter.

You should check your sump pump

Sump pumps are designed to protect your basement against rainwater and other water that could flood it during the spring, summer and autumn. Even though flooding risk is lower in winter, it’s still a good idea to winterize your sump pump’s pipes.

The discharge hose can be removed during winter to prevent water freezing. Remember to reconnect it again in spring! You should always have a spare hose in case of emergency. It is essential that your sump pump remains plugged in. A warm front or unexpected downpour can cause a basement to flood.

To stop anything freezing or clogging your sump pump, clear out all dirt and ice from the pit. It can be tested by running water through it several times to ensure it is functional. Before installing a sump pump, ensure that the plumbing diverts its water at least ten toes from the foundation.

Remember to turn on the heat! This will prevent your basement from freezing, including your sump pump and pipes. It will also keep your basement warm. If your sump pump is not working properly, get a professional plumber to inspect it and repair it. Safety is better than regret.

Winterize Outdoor Faucets

The fall can bring about a wide variety of plumbing shapes inside your house. Although you might not consider small faucets outside your home plumbing, they are. They can freeze your exterior plumbing if they aren’t fixed in time for winter. You must ensure that your faucets are closed correctly in the fall. They should be stored away from any water or Hoses that might have been attached to them. For additional protection, foam insulation kits can be purchased to be placed around the hoses in winter.

Verify Your Water Heater

The hot water heater is a component that most people overlook in a house. While it might seem impossible to ignore the “brain”, this heating appliance is often ignored until a serious problem occurs.

Get a Local Glendale, CA Professional Plumbing Inspection Now!

This might seem like a lot of work in the fall to prepare the plumbing for winter. It’s possible to save money, time, energy, and money by taking preventative steps now.