Are you tired of the low-flush power of your current toilet? Or are you searching for the best high-pressure toilet for your house? Most Pasadena Plumbers will tell you that gigh-power flush toilets could be the right choice if your drains have become clogged and you need to flush twice.

Types and Power of High-Power Toilets

There are four types for the residential market of high-power toilets. All four types have the same thing: more flushing power to the standard gravity-assisted toilet.

The high-power toilets that you can choose from are listed below.

  • Pressure-assisted. You can go one step further than a gravity assisted toilet and get a toilet that uses compressed oxygen to give your flush more power without having to use more water. These toilets are louder than others and can be more costly.
  • Tornado Flush, Double Cyclone. Toto developed both toilets. They use pressurized water jets at the top. The Tornado has three nozzles, while the Double Cyclone has two.
  • Double Vortex. Double Vortex, which is found in American Standard brand toilets uses jets to create stronger flushes. Two nozzles are located at the bowl’s top and drain. Water flows simultaneously in each direction to create powerful flow.
  • Siphon Jet. What is a siphon jet flushing toilet? It is a small reservoir tank you can use with other systems. A vacuum pull is used to release water. This will increase the power of your flush.

How to Increase the Flush Power of Your Toilet

Many Pasadena Plumbers will tell their customers that you can increase the flush power of your toilet without having to purchase a whole new one. Because of their design, it is impossible to retrofit low-flow toilets. However, keeping them in good condition can improve the flush power. Here are some tips to ensure a good flush rate.

  • You should check for clogs. Low flow could be due to blocked pipes. You should also check the toilet drain for clogs.
  • Adjust the tank’s float. Check the water level of your toilet tank. Low levels indicate that the water level is too low to flush as well. You can adjust the length of the float valve to make sure it is between the minimum and the maximum.
  • Clean the rims. Clean the rim jets if the water jets that flush out water get clogged over time. You can use a thin wire to remove the mineral buildup. A wire coat hanger can be unbended for an easy, at-home tool.
  • Use vinegar and baking soda toilet tank soaks. A quart of white wine vinegar will suffice. Locate the rubber tube that is attached to your toilet tank. To make it easy to pour, keep the tube inside the tank. Allow the tube to cool for around 15 minutes before pouring vinegar. Add a bit of baking soda to the tube until it starts to hissing. Then let the toilet sit for 2 hours, before flushing it.
  • Replace a damaged flush valve. The toilet tank’s bottom will have the flush valve. The part that lifts to release water from the toilet tank is the flush valve. The ability to flush water can be affected by a cracked or damaged flush valve.

Put a few drops in the toilet tank to test it. If the color leaches into the toilet bowl water, the flush valve may not be sealing properly.

If you’ve tried everything but still don’t get the power you need, you should look into a new toilet. If you end up choosing to have a new high-powered toilet, we can assist with toilet installations.

How to Convert a Low Flow Toilet into a High-Flow One

It’s impossible to convert a low flow toilet to a highflow or pressure-assisted bathroom. A gravity-flush toilet can be replaced with a pressure-assisted flushing toilet.

The Low-Flush Power Option Might Be a Benefit to You

A low-flush power toto can be a good option if you haven’t had issues with your toilet flushes. As long as you don’t flush twice, it will help conserve water. You don’t have to flush everything twice with water-saving toilets.

Most Pasadena Plumbers will tell you that high-efficiency toilets are a great way of using less water and still getting the job done. A dual-flush toilet can provide both a “half” flush option for liquid waste and an “full flush” option to dispose of solid waste. You can also choose a gravity-assisted standard model if you aren’t having any trouble.