DIY is gaining popularity and so does the number of homeowners who are willing to take on DIY projects. With all the helpful information readily available on YouTube, DIY is becoming more popular than ever.

Many homeowners feel comfortable doing minor plumbing repairs. Not all plumbing projects are safe to tackle yourself, just like electrical DIY. It is usually a good idea to have a Glendale, CA Plumber do your plumbing work. Fortunately, you can still learn some plumbing maintenance skills and make them yourself. Here are some easy DIY plumbing projects to try:

DIY Home Plumbing Repairs

Make sure that you have the time, tools and patience you need to complete any DIY project.

  • Repair a Leaky Tap: A leaky faucet can often be caused by worn or misaligned washers. You must turn off the water supply to your faucet, which is located usually under the sink in the cabinet. You can then replace or realign your washer by turning off the water supply.
  • Clear Everyday Crashes: Instead relying on chemicals that can cause pipe corrosion and give off toxic fumes, you can clear most obstructions using a plunger. A drain snake may be the solution if a plunger isn’t enough. This steel-colored, flexible cable allows you to reach the depths of your pipes to remove even stubborn clogs.
  • Stop Running Toilets: If water continues to leak from the tank, it is usually due to a defective flushing mechanism or flap. Take off the tank lid for a closer inspection. First, make sure to check if the chain has been hung up or is disconnected from the flushing mechanism (if so, connect it). You should also check that the flushing mechanism isn’t damaged, disconnected or broken. If everything is fine, you can check if the flap has a good seal. Flappers wear out over time and may warp.
  • Open a Water Valve: Your speed in responding to an emergency could make the difference of saving your house from flooding or a puddle. If you find a leak, it is essential to locate the main water valve. Even a minor leak can quickly turn into a serious problem if it is not fixed quickly. It is also a good idea to locate other water supply valves in order to be able to shut off water to specific appliances, such as your dishwasher and/or heater.
  • Fix Low Water Pressure in Your Shower. Mineral buildup can often cause low water pressure. This can be fixed by giving your shower-head an overhaul. This can be done by filling a plastic bag containing vinegar. Secure it to the shower-head using a rubber band and allow it to rest for at least 24 hours. To get rid of any minerals that remain, place a toothpick at each jet opening.
  • Install or replace Aerators. Aerators attach to faucets and allow water to flow through the device to maintain constant pressure. This allows for reduced water usage. Simply remove the screen from your faucet to replace or install the aerator.

Plumbing jobs for the pros

Even though smaller projects can be completed by amateurs, bigger plumbing projects can have serious consequences for those who do not follow the correct procedures. These projects often require more advanced DIY skills.

Avoid the headache, hassle, or expense of these types of projects and hire a licensed and skilled Glendale, CA Plumber.

  • Well Pumps – If the well pump is not working correctly or damaged, excessive water pressure can build up that could cause serious damage to your plumbing system. You should avoid trying to repair a damaged pressurized system. This could lead to injury to you and others.
  • Hot Water Heaters: Our Glendale, CA Plumbers suggest that you avoid repairs that cause water to boil, electricity, and gas. An incorrect installation could lead to flooding that causes extensive damage to your house. This is the one job that a professional plumber should do.
  • Sump Pumps – Working with sump pump requires some technical know-how. Sump pumps are not something you should attempt to fix or diagnose yourself.
  • Cleaning and Septic System Repairs: You should hire a professional to clean or repair septic systems.
  • Working with Gas Lines. If you feel the gas, you should immediately get outside and call your gas company. Anyone living near a gas leakage area is at risk. The gas fumes can cause nausea, lightheadedness and even death. The gas can also ignite by sparks or flames, causing fire and/or explosions that can cause extensive damage.
  • Moving Plumbing Lines to Renovations – This complex work is too risky to attempt yourself. There is not enough room for error. Any mistakes could cause more severe, longer-lasting problems or damage.
  • Replacing Major Bathroom Fixtures – While it may seem like a quick project, there are many complications which can make installing a new tub a difficult task. Also, mistakes can result in property damage or additional costs.