A minor issue with plumbing and pipes can become a major problem. You can avoid further disasters by calling a plumber instead of waiting until the problem gets worse.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in your house can cause much more than just an inconvenience. While it might be easy to fix in one spot, low water pressure can indicate a problem throughout your home. This can lead to severe water damage as well as a high water bill.

Constant Clogs

You can manage small, manageable clogs with your household tools. But, more frequent clogs could indicate a more serious blockage, which requires professional attention. This may occur after months of accumulation in drains. A serious blocked drain can cause water to back-up from other areas. It’s best to call a professional if this is an issue in your home.

Leaky Pipes

Although a dripping tap might seem simple to fix, dripping pipes or faucets can cause significant water loss and water damage.

Leaking faucets or pipes are usually simple projects that can be done by a plumber. Leakage of pipes can result from high water pressure, mineral buildup, corrosion, and faulty components. Hard water can lead to corrosion and buildup.

Higher water bills

You might notice a sudden increase in your water bills if you have a member of your household who takes long showers. You could have a running water heater or major leak, which could cause a much higher monthly water bill.

Loud Pipes

Your pipes may not be acting out of the ordinary if they rumble loudly. Rattling pipes may indicate problems with water flow. Left untreated, they can become unstable. You could have water leaks if parts are loose.